Detour’s Disclaimer: 
Detour acts only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, activities, or other services connected with this tour. Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers. Detour, LLC and their respective employees, agents, representatives, and assigns accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or any other incident which may be caused by the negligence, defect, default of any company or person in performing these services. Responsibility is not accepted for losses, injury, damages or expenses of any kind due to sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, acts of nature, local laws, or other such causes. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they are provided. Detour, LLC is not responsible for any baggage or personal effects of any individual participating in the tours /trips arranged by Detour, LLC. Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy, if desired, that will cover some of the expenses associated with the loss of luggage or personal effects.

If you cancel the trip at any point after confirmation, you will forfeit a $100 per person handling fee to Detour. This is separate and in addition to the fees, deposits, and payments potentially owed to the tour operator (see information below).

Trip Changes:
If you decide to make any changes to your trip (changes to your itinerary, travel dates, tours, or accommodations) after it is booked, you will incur a $50 change fee per person, per change.  Unavoidable changes (such as those imposed by an international flight schedule change) will not incur this fee.  Adding on services before or after your confirmed tour will not incur this fee.

Rate Changes to Domestic Flights, Park Entrance Fees, Government Taxes and Fuel Surcharges: 

The rates for all these items are subject to change at any point and these fees or fee changes can be imposed on any trip, even after a trip has been confirmed and paid for in full.  These rate changes are beyond the control of Detour or our local operating partners.  Oftentimes, these changes are imposed by government decree and take effect immediately.  While this is a rare occurrence and the rate changes themselves are typically quite small, these changes are unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable.  Travelers are responsible for any additional costs or fees due to these rate changes, even after the trip is paid in full.

Checking Your Passport Expiration Date: 
Some governments, notably Ecuador’s and Peru’s, require that your passport is valid for at least six months after you depart the country. Other countries require your passport to be valid for three months after you depart the country.  

It is your responsibility as a traveler to check the entry/exit regulations of the country you are traveling to and to check our passport expiration date to ensure it is valid for your dates of travel.

Passports and Traveler Details: 

Passengers are responsible for sending up-to-date and correct information that is requested in the “Trip Reservation Form.”  If any of those details change, it is the passenger’s responsibility to notify Detour of the change before the trip departure.  If you need to renew your passport prior to your trip, you must notify Detour that you will be renewing your passport and you will have to email a scanned copy of both your old and new passports to Detour.  Additionally, you will have to bring both passports with you on your trip. Please make sure that you request to receive your old passport at the start of the renewal process.

Airport Transfers:  
Airport transfer rates are based on group size with the assumption that all travelers will be taking the same transfer.  If some travelers in your personal group arrive or depart on different days or at different times, additional airport transfers will have to be booked and the passenger is responsible for this additional cost.




– 1st Payment: The reservation will only be confirmed after the reception of a deposit of 5% of the charter price, which must be paid no later than fifteen days (15 days) after the invoice was sent.

– 2nd Payment: An additional deposit of 25% of the charter price, that will complete a reservation deposit of 30%, has to be made no later than two hundred seventy days (270 days) prior to the cruise start.

– 3rd Payment: A further deposit of 20% of the charter price is required at latest hundred eighty days (180 days) prior to cruise departure.

– 4th Payment: The final deposit of 50% of the charter price, no later than ninety days (90 days) prior cruise start

– 5th Payment: For all additional charges like airfare tickets*, TCT* and eventually other services, to be paid at latest sixty days (60 days) prior to the cruise/tour start.

* These prices are subject to change and have to be confirmed before paying the balance.

Payments can be done by wire transfer to our international account; any expenses for transferring funds have to be covered by the clients. Online payments are not possible. It’s the client’s responsibility to keep in mind payment due dates to avoid delays. Please note that in the case of late payment, your reservation may be automatically cancelled.

FUEL SURCHARGE CRUISE: since September 2010 we are required to apply a fuel surcharge that has to be added to the cruise price as net and not commissionable cost. *The surcharge value is subject to change and has to be confirmed before the balance is paid.

SINGLE CABIN: the supplement for a single cabin is 50% of the rate.

CHILDREN, younger than 12 years old, are welcome on board and have a 20% discount of the rate; they have to be accompanied by an adult person who will have to sign a letter of responsibility release when the cruise confirmation is made. A scanned copy of child’s passport is required.

CANCELLATION POLICY: in the case of a cancellation, notify us immediately in writing. The following cancellation costs have to be applied:

FOR FITS (Individual Passengers):


* 61 Days and More: 30% of cruise//tour price
* 60 Days or Less: 100% of Invoice



* After 1st Reservation Deposit: 5% of charter price
* 181 Days and More: 30% of charter price
* 180-91 Days: 50% of charter price
* 90 Days or Less: 100% of Invoice

– If tickets and TCT are still not issued, these values may be refunded in full.

– If a booking was confirmed without on time payment, the Invoice must be honored in case of a cancellation.

For bookings of cruises on board of other yachts, the cancellation policy of the other ship operator would apply.

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS FOR GALAPAGOS CRUISES ON BOARD OF THE M/Y ANGELITO: The itineraries and sailing permits of the M/Y ANGELITO are based on specific flights from a local airline, actually AVIANCA* on Sundays and TAME* on Thursdays. Therefore, all passengers should arrive in Galapagos and fly back to the mainland using these same flights (*subject to change) COMETA TRAVEL is in charge of the reservations and the ticket purchasing for all Angelito’s passengers.

In order to book the flights we need to know as soon as possible, but no later than forty-five days (45 days) prior to the cruise start, the exact dates and routes the passengers would like to fly on. Changes in dates and/or routes might be possible later than forty-five days (45 days) prior departure but will depend on the availability of the local airline company. If tickets have already been issued, an airline penalty may be applied for changes. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot be held responsible for delayed flights, or cancellations made by transportation companies, even if those affect the cruise’s itinerary, neither for damaged or lost luggage caused by airlines. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot be held responsible if other flights cannot arrive at the Islands on time to begin the cruise if passengers do not reserve and purchase the Galapagos tickets with us. No refunds or partial refunds are possible for no shows due to any reason out of our control. The check-out time is at the same for all passengers and organized based on our flight’s departure; it’s not possible to remain on board if the self-purchased flight has a later departure. Fares for domestic flights are beyond our responsibility and subject to change at any time and without previous notice please confirm the rates before final payment. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot take in charge price increases beyond our control; if an increase in airline fare or fuel surcharge fee occurred, the difference will be invoiced, even if final payment is done and/or tickets have been issued.

TRANSIT CONTROL CARDS “TCT”: COMETA TRAVEL takes care of the registration for all YACHT ANGELITO’S passengers. Additionally, for passengers flying from airport Quito, we pre-issue the TCT cards to avoid long queuing the special counter prior airline check-in. The cost of the TCT cards will be charged to your Invoice. COMETA TRAVEL cannot register and/or purchase the TCT if passengers do not provide the required personal information completing the booking form, even if the TCT is already paid.


VISAS: Tourists do not need a visa to enter Ecuador; upon arrival, they will automatically receive a visa from Ecuadorian authorities. IMPORTANT: The passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months when arriving in Ecuador.

ACCURATE PERSONAL INFORMATION: Please provide us with the correct passenger information, especially name and passport number. Tickets and TCT are issued based on this information. Should there be any changes COMETA TRAVEL must be informed immediately. Important: If tickets and TCT are issued before changes are notified, the passenger has to bring some copies of the previous passport. COMETA TRAVEL cannot be held responsible if the airline company and/or Ecuadorian or Galapagos authorities do not accept documents with the wrong personal information.

DISABILITIES AND HEALTH PROBLEMS: passengers are responsible for selecting a cruise and services that are suitable for their condition. Any physical disability or health problem that might require special attention has to be reported in writing. Passengers recognize and accept that during Galapagos cruises, basic medical facilities and personnel may be as long as 24 hours away and for more specialized attention possibly up to 48 hours, in Quito or Guayaquil. Transportation from Galapagos to Ecuador’s mainland is only available with the regular commercial flights, scheduled in the morning and at mid-day. Emergency medical evacuation insurances may include special air transport. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot be held responsible for passenger sickness, accidents, consequences caused by disability or health problem and/or delayed medical attention, whether these have been reported or not. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO will offer the necessary efforts to give solutions, affecting the other participants as less as possible taking into consideration the complex situation in Galapagos and other remote environments in Ecuador. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot be held responsible for any additional expenses for transportation, medical assistance, personal assistance, etc. The purchasing of an adequate travel insurance that covers such circumstances is highly recommended. No reimbursements for unused services can be made under any circumstances, not for the affected passenger and neither for the other participants which itinerary could be affected.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: No personal travel insurance is included in our cruises and tours; it’s the passenger’s obligation to have valid travel insurance up to the end of the tour. We strongly recommend that passengers acquire an insurance that includes trip delay or cancellation, lost luggage, health and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

DELAYED ARRIVING AND NO SHOW: We highly recommend that passengers for Galapagos cruises arrive in Ecuador at least 2 nights before cruise start to avoid problems caused by potential flight delays or lost connections. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO are not to be held responsible if passengers do not arrive on time to begin the cruise or any other tour or domestic flight. No refund or partial refunds are possible for no shows due to any reason. We also recommend allowing enough time for the connection for international flights if your passenger would like to depart the same day as the cruise ends. For flights to the Galapagos Islands, it’s necessary to be at the airport at least two hours (2 hours) before scheduled departure to allow enough time for the special controls and procedures for Galapagos passengers.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGES: Fuel surcharges, air fare tickets, National Park entrance fees, Transit Control Cards TCT and Ecuadorian fees or tax regulations may change at any time without previous notice. These items have to be confirmed before final or balance payments. COMETA TRAVEL/YACHT ANGELITO cannot be held responsible for price increases beyond our control, even if final payment has already been done; any additional costs due to unforeseen increases will have to be invoiced.

CHANGES IN THE ITINERARIES: The captain of the boat and/or the tour operator reserve the right to make changes or cancel any part of the itinerary or programs without giving previous notice due to unforeseen circumstances such as new National Park rules, public authority decisions, weather or natural disasters, social and political conditions and instability, and/or force majeure or any other extreme circumstances. These decisions will be made to avoid problems and/or risks, respecting the safety of the passengers and offering the best possible alternative or adjustments. No refund or partial refunds are possible for changes in the itineraries or for unused services out of our control. The purchasing of an adequate travel insurance that covers such circumstances is recommended.