Galapagos Family Adventure

Families who love to recreate outdoors will love the Galapagos Family Adventure as it is designed for kids of all ages to experience the Galapagos islands’ famous wildlife while paddling, hiking, biking, and snorkeling. You will explore four very diverse Islands, included an uninhabited island, to experience the incredible diversity of wildlife in the Galapagos. With evenings free and suggested self-guided excursions you gain access to the park through your guided excursions while still keeping your autonomy to enjoy and explore the islands on your own. A couple of days in Quito before the Galapagos round out your adventure.

Trip Length: 10 Days
Destination: Quito, San Cristobal Island, Española Island, Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island
Lodging: Mid-range (3-star) lodges
Activities: Family kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling, wildlife viewing